Lunch Program

Lenoir City Christian Academy students are able to bring their own lunch from home or order lunch online

LCCA will provide milk to all students (Mayfield Dairy Farms ½ pint 2% white or fat-free Chocolate).

Catered Lunch Program:
 All meals are served with fruit, chips, and milk. Condiments are offered on the side. The cost of a catered lunch is $5 per day (unless otherwise noted). All orders are placed and paid for online through our website and Headmaster Online.

LCCA must receive your student's order by midnight on Sunday for the week. You may order as often as you like, or you may continue to pack a lunch. Milk will be provided everyday whichever option you choose.

Once an order has been placed, your student's account will be charged unless the academy is closed. Catered lunch will not be served during Fall Break, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Spring Break, or Snow Days.

Our menu will be the same each week:

Monday -         Chick-Fil-A
                         6 Chicken Nuggets
                         Chicken Sandwich (no pickle)
                         *Side Salad (substitute for chips for $2 more)
                         Cobb Salad ($6)
                         Smuckers PBJ Sandwich

Tuesday -        Petro's Chili Chips
                         Small Petros with chili, chips, cheese (orange slice and cookie)
                         Macaroni and Cheese (orange slice and cookie)
                         Medium Petros (regular toppings)
                         Petro Potato (regular toppings)
                         Smuckers PBJ Sandwich

Wednesday -   Wendy's
                         Jr. Cheeseburger (plain)
                         Crispy Chicken Sandwich (plain)
                         Baked Potato with butter and sour cream ($2)
                         Smuckers PBJ Sandwich

Thursday -       KFC
                         2 Chicken Littles (plain)
                         2 Chicken Tenders
                         Popcorn Chicken with Biscuit
                         Box Meal (3 tenders, biscuit, cookie and potato wedges)

Friday** -         Papa John's 
                         Cheese Pizza
                         Smuckers PBJ Sandwich
                         ** Dessert will be served with lunch on Fridays